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Yoga for Teams

Artemis Yoga is helping sports teams build mobility, strength and flexibility while focusing the mind.  Our Yoga for Teams classes are designed to:

  • Help athletes better compete – physically and mentally
  • Increase team camaraderie in a fun way
  • Teach strategies to focus attention for performance
  • Build mobility and flexibility with alignment-based instruction
  • Prevent injury and imbalance common with athletes
  • Complement existing training cycles in-season and off-season

Are you a team captain? Looking for new team bonding ideas?


Ideal for “captains” training for high school, collegiate or even recreational sports teams, Yoga for Teams classes are a fun and challenging way to build strength in the off-season or to complement your regular season practices.  Give us a call and we will design a class that is just right for your team and your sport.

“FUN, CHALLENGING, CALMING, REJUVENATING” – Newton South Varsity Girls Soccer Team

Read the Artemis Yoga feature in “Rx: Young Soccer Players: Yoga,”  The Boston Globe, November 11, 2016

The Yoga for Teams class [at Artemis] has been so fun and a great experience. It’s the perfect way to stay in shape in a different way and stay connected and bonded in the off-season.
Emily D, Team Player, Junior
It’s a really great way for our team to maintain the team atmosphere even when we aren’t in season. The poses that Natalie has us do exercise muscles and parts of the body that I don’t normally feel, let alone work out, and I definitely would not change the meditation period at the end because that’s my favorite part!
Kaavya – Team Captain
Yoga for Teams [at Artemis] has completely helped me with strength, flexibility, stress relieving and motivates me to want to get up on a Saturday morning! It has helped the team as well, before this class, we would have never really been together during the winter and this class helps us stay connected and in shape! I would not change one thing about this amazing class!
Sidney G., Team Captain
“The days after games, we wanted to focus on working out the lactic acid and stretching their muscles. Yoga is perfect for that.”
Kate O'Leary, Varsity Girls Lacrosse Coach, Newton North High School

How to Schedule Yoga for Teams

Teams may choose:

  • Single Class
  • Series –weekly classes for 4-6 weeks or more
  • Classes may be held at Artemis Yoga or at your location.
  • Pricing based on frequency and number of athletes per session.

Contact the studio for more information or email

Yoga for Teams is an amazing opportunity to build a collective team while offering the individual athlete an ability to stay mobile and strong. During the season we work on injury prevention, flexibility and most importantly the ability to stay mentally focused for the rigors of the season. Restorative and breathe work are key components of an in season practice to promote an athlete’s recovery.
In the off-season we build on team continuity, physical power, mobility, endurance and mental awareness. A rigorous practice in the off-season prepares the team to hit the season in stride.
Natalie Tull Greene, Lead Teacher, Yoga for Teams

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