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New to Yoga

So you are looking to try out yoga?

  • Join our Beginner’s Yoga Series – our next series starts Wednesday, January 17 – Feb 7.  Over the course of four consecutive weeks, you will learn an introduction to basic flow yoga. Just $95 for the series.
  • Try a Basic Iyengar, Basic Flow or Restorative class – these are all suitable for novices.
  • Or try our newcomer’s pass (30 days for $29) will help get you started. In one month you can try many of our basic, level one or restorative classes and see what is right for you.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Wear comfortable clothing that will let you move, reach high and low but that is not too baggy so it gets in your way. Wear shorts, sweats, yoga pants – whatever works for you. You might want a layer for the beginning and end of class. Our classes are room temperature and comfortable.
  • Start with 2 or 3 times a week – try out both basic and level one classes so you get a feel for the foundation and the progression of classes as well as the pace. Try different teachers – while we strive for consistency among levels, as we all know, every teacher is unique.
  • Bring your own yoga mat if you have one. Mats are also available for sale in the studio. We also offer complimentary mats.
  • Blankets, blocks and other props are provided by us.
  • If you would like, bring water and a small towel if you tend to sweat a lot or to wipe down your mat.
  • Bring an open mind – we will talk about noticing the breath and how to use it to build awareness and bring stillness.
  • We teach the poses from an alignment basis and each class by level will have some form of flow to get you moving with your breath as a guide.
  • Leave your shoes at the door and your cell phones and belongings in one of our lockers.
  • We have one shower (3 bathrooms) but you will need to bring your own towel.
  • Try not to have eaten a large meal before class, like most exercise, it doesn’t feel great to work out while full.
  • Have fun! Ask questions! Come back again and again for the journey that is yoga.

Everyone can practice yoga to strengthen the body & relax the mind.

You don’t need to be a former dancer or a flexible gymnast to do yoga. The Beginner Yoga Series is for people who are new to yoga, coming back to yoga or simply wanting to get back to basics in a safe and welcoming environment. In this four-week series, you will be introduced to the core poses and alignment that make up a Vinyasa (flow) yoga class so you leave ready to take any Basic or Level 1 class.
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This is a great place. I’m relatively new to yoga and have really found this to be a great place to learn. Supportive, helpful, clearly explain each pose. The studio itself is beautiful. Warm, soft colors, very clean, pleasant staff. Many different instructors so you get a little of everything. If you’re looking to get into yoga for the first time, speaking from my own experience, I’d definitely recommend this place.
– Heidi LaVigne

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