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Types of Yoga Classes

At Artemis Yoga, you will find both vinyasa (flow) style yoga and Iyengar yoga classes. Each style teaches you the principles of alignment but also uses movement with breath to get your body going.

  • In vinyasa yoga, you will find sun salutations and instructions to inhale in as you reach up, exhale as you fold forward, etc.
  • With Iyengar yoga, classes are taught in a skillful, well-sequenced, thematic way with precise instruction, demonstration and use of props for modifying postures.

Each class has a level so you can practice at a pace that is just right for you. Both vinyasa and Iyengar classes provide safe and detailed alignment-based instruction coupled with the use of props such as blocks or blankets to help you achieve the pose. We hope you find that all our classes are a safe place to build strength of body and calmness of mind.

Light-filled Artemis Yoga in Watertown, MA

In our natural-light filled studio, classes are room temperature and props are complimentary.  If uncertain which class to take, give us a call or speak with the teacher regarding which class is right for you.

I have tried many area yoga studios and was so pleased to find a community- oriented and welcoming place for practice. Artemis offers yoga for all levels, and in each level many options are given to find strength and comfort in poses. I really appreciate the mix of flow and restorative classes. Most importantly, all the teachers really care about giving a great experience. I love Artemis!!!
– Mallory Cole

This studio is amazing in so many ways. The space is beautiful, the teachers are respectful and encouraging. I had been to several yoga classes and studios over the years, and never felt any desire to go back, until I went to Artemis. I’ve been practicing there now for almost 5 months. The classes and instructors are wonderful. I recommend Artemis to everyone–beginner to advanced, any fitness level or body type. There are always smiling faces and great yoga classes in the safe walls of Artemis.
— Jamie Bloyd

Find a class that is right for you!

140x120-basicThis is for those brand new to yoga as well as those who would like a class at a slower pace. You will stretch and strengthen your body and mind by learning foundational poses and relaxing breathing techniques. You will learn how to adjust poses so you will have the confidence to join a higher level class. You can expect demonstration, instruction and hands-on assisting from the teacher in this class.  We offer Basic classes for both Flow and Iyengar classes.  

140x120-level1For students who have a basic understanding of yoga and who would like to continue to learn proper technique and alignment. In this level 1 class you will learn the fundamental alignment of downward facing dog, plank and sun salutations. The pace is moderately slow so we can spend time on properly entering and exiting standing poses. Even those with athletic backgrounds or other fitness routines can benefit from a level 1 class, as it serves as a foundational background to the physical practice.  We offer Level 1 classes for both Flow and Iyengar classes.

140x120-grn-level2For students with a more experienced practice or who would like a more vigorous pace, this class explores more sun salutations, backbends such as upward facing dog, arm balances and basic inversions. This level 2 class will expand upon level 1 with longer holds for poses and more intricate sequences so your hips, arms, shoulders and legs do more and get stronger. We offer Level 2 classes for both Flow and Iyengar classes.

140x120-restorativeBe ready to relax! This gentle class is a moving meditation designed to help slow your body down and initiate a restorative, relaxation response. With some slow opening poses, passive stretching of muscles, and guided meditation, you will practice quieting your mind and enjoying the calm. All levels welcome.

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